Investment Analysis


Align your investments with your plan’s goals.

OK. So you set your plan’s goals. Are you certain your investments meet them? Selecting and monitoring your plan’s investments is critical to the long-term success of the plan. After all, the funds and fund managers in your plan are what you and your employees count on to grow their retirement nest egg. With over 40,000 funds offered by multiple fund families, how do you build a low-cost, diversified menu of investments for participants to select from? And how do you know when it’s time to make a manager change?

That’s where our investment process and methodology benefits you as the plan sponsor. We partner with your plan’s Investment Committee to develop your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Then, we help structure and monitor a low cost investment menu that includes the same investment options as the largest retirement plans in the country. To help ensure the selected fund managers continue to meet the criteria set forth by the IPS, we evaluate manager performance across a range of factors, including fund style, risk-adjusted returns, peer group rankings, fund manager tenure, and expense ratios. Our process allows you to measure the relative performance, characteristics, behavior and overall appropriateness of a fund as an investment option.

  • Develop your Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Evaluate your initial investment lineup.
  • Provide an easy-to-digest, quarterly monitoring process that combines sophisticated, institutional measurement techniques with a proprietary 10-point pass/fail scoring system.
  • Review and negotiate the fees and appropriate share classes of investments available on your platform.
  • Offer specific recommendations for when to remove or add funds.
  • Lead an annual meeting to educate fiduciaries, review analysis/reporting, and provide recommendations.
  • Provide executive summaries of each committee meeting.