Our Services

A sensible retirement framework for your company.

As a business owner, you wear many hats. Managing a world-class retirement plan doesn’t have to be another checkbox on your to-do list. As stakeholders in your continued success, Point Oak is committed to making sure your retirement plan needs are met, which includes helping you identify needs you may not know you have. We tackle the complexities of your plan so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Here’s how we do it:


Fiduciary Support

ERISA and the Department of Labor require you as plan sponsors and fiduciaries to act in the best interests of the plan participants – your valued employees. Acting as your named fiduciary under ERISA, we provide the support and advice you need to help meet your obligations.


Investment Analysis

Align your investments with your plan’s goals. With our guidance, you create, select and monitor the investments in your plan’s menu. We help identify when investments begin to deviate from your investment strategy and recommend changes. You will no longer have to navigate these waters alone.


Education & Communications

Improve plan participation and motivate your workforce. Make certain that employees’ questions are answered and create an environment that encourages employees to take an active role in saving for their future needs.


Plan Design

It’s complicated. With so many features and options available, how do you design a retirement plan that’s right for everyone? With a customized plan design, we tell you what you need to know and guide you to a plan that is optimized for your company and its participants.


Provider and Fee Benchmarking

Selecting and monitoring your plan provider and keeping fees reasonable are vital functions of your fiduciary responsibility. You’re required to adhere to ERISA standards of prudence. As your advocate, we help to facilitate, monitor, and strengthen your provider relationships while ensuring your plan is competitive in your market.


Target Date Fund (TDF) Consulting

Traditional TDF or customized solution? We have a multi-step suitability and selection process to identify the TDF best aligned with your participants’ characteristics. We then provide documentation and communication support for your fiduciary file and employees.